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APS 2019- 2020 Salary Schedules

Listed below are several links to our updated salary schedules for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as a link to our job descriptions that will help you locate the schedule assigned to each position. An employee’s assignment on a pay scale is based on equivalent, relevant, and verified experience.

To determine the pay grade for a position by job title, use the JOB DESCRIPTIONS link to find the pay grade first, then go to the appropriate schedule link.

For Example: How do I find the Pay Grade for a High School Assistant Principal?

1.    Go to the JOB DESCRIPTIONS link and locate Assistant Principal – High.

2.    Identify the Grade and Days. In this case it is Grade 137 and 231 Days.

3.    Click on link for Non-Teacher Schedules.

4.    Scroll to Grade 137 and find the 231-day column.

Note: It is important to note the number of days assigned to each position as this is required to locate the appropriate pay schedule.