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Teach Where You Belong!

Atlanta, the birthplace of civil rights, prides itself on inclusivity of all, including you! APS fosters an environment of belonging for both students and staff. At APS, we believe students deserve educators who can do more than teach the basics. They deserve leaders. Innovators. Role models. Experts with a track record of excellence to help them achieve their college and career aspirations.

We are hard at work ensuring our students have everything they need to succeed – from a culture of inclusivity and trust to a challenging learning experience that spark their curiosity and love for learning. We are on a journey of transformation and our data shows it!

Social Justice and Equity at the Forefront

Our children must experience both meaningful rigor and culturally responsive supports from teachers, support providers, and leaders. We envision school communities where students, families, and staff work together to build vibrant school cultures designed to ensure that everyone in our school community thrives. With Equity at the Forefront, we can ensure equity and excellence for everyone. Learn more about APS’ newly formed Social Justice and Equity Division.

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